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Advice for your home

Solar For Apartments

Solar panels can generate electricity for your apartment unit, floor, and entire building. This can help you save on energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

Apartment buildings currently make up ~16% of Australian dwellings. However, their uptake of solar systems has been relatively slow. For many, the goal of generating their own energy seems too confusing or complicated to achieve.

Yarra Energy Foundation have worked with multiple partners to complete The Guide to Solar for Apartments. A comprehensive document full of guidance, step-by-step advice, and information on how to tackle the roadblocks faced by apartment tenants, owners, and management companies when approaching solar for apartments.

What are these roadblocks?

  • Lack of accurate and accessible advice for apartment dwellers and owners.
  • Difficulty managing diverse interests and needs of multiple residents.
  • Technical difficulty of installing rooftop solar on apartment complexes.

Download the Guide here

Drone image of a large solar system on an apartment block roof


Residential buildings are responsible for ~12% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.


The Solar Guide for Apartments has been designed for a Victorian context to:
  • Explain the key challenges of installing solar on apartment buildings.
  • Assist residents to find suitable solar options for their home.
  • Offer a step-by-step approach for installing solar on an apartment building.
  • Identify the key stakeholders who need to be engaged during this process.
  • Offer valuable advice and resources to make your solar journey as easy as possible.


We know that there are thousands of people living in apartments that want to reduce their bills and lower their emissions by installing solar. However, until now, reliable information has been hard to come by.

The Guide was created to ease the process of buying, installing, and using solar generated electricity in your apartment.


Multi story apartment block with solar installed on the roof

If, after reading this Guide, solar is still not an option for your building, don’t fret! There are other ways you can reduce your power bills and your emissions, such as addressing heating and cooling and retrofitting your home to save energy.


Watch the launch event of the Guide here.

This Guide was made possible by the Metropolitan Community Power Hub (MCPH), a landmark community energy initiative led by YEF and funded by the Victorian Government through Sustainability Victoria.

The document meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) to make web content more accessible to people with disabilities.