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Solar Victoria pledges thousands of solar rebates for small businesses

Clifton Hill cafe set to save $2,400 a year after new Solar for Business rebates

Cafes and small businesses do more than keep us caffeinated, they are meeting places, places of serendipity, smiles and delightful smells.

But of the 14,000 or so small business scattered across the City of Yarra, most are still powered by coal. Very few use solar. Over 90% of small businesses in Yarra do not own their premises, which can be a barrier to solar for some.

Fortunately, Solar Victoria have announced 15,000 rebates for small businesses, for both owners and tenanted businesses. Read the latest on the Solar Victoria website. If you want help accessing the solar rebates, contact us at information@yef.org.au.

How much would it actually cost a small business, including the Solar for Business rebate?

We contacted our trusted solar partners, EnviroGroup, to find out. A quote showed total costs and payback times after subsidies. To give you an idea, the results for Uncle Drew cafe are:

  • Payback period, less than 2 years
  • Savings of $2,400 per year on energy costs
  • 55% annual return on investment
  • Total upfront outlay after rebates $3,949 for a 5kW system
  • Projected 5-year savings of $8,280 after all costs

With a panel life expectancy in the range of 25 years, the total gain of a solar install for a business like Uncle Drew reaches into the tens of thousands of dollars.

With prices continuing to fall, solar seems a no-brainer for any business with enough cashflow to cover the installation costs.

It’s not hard to imagine future customers leaving reviews about the coffee, the food, and the “awesome array of solar panels too!”.