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Yarra Community Battery - Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Engaging with communities on community batteries

We have learned a lot about what people think about community batteries through our engagement.

Most are very supportive and expect community batteries to deliver significant emissions reductions and reduce the cost of renewable electricity, among other benefits.

We are often asked about safety, noise, visual impact, the risk of graffiti, and how community batteries improve energy equity. That’s why we are committed to addressing these concerns while helping our community better understand what community batteries do and how people can benefit from them. See our

If you have queries about the engagement process please contact Tim Shue (tim.shue@yef.org.au). He’d love to hear from you!


Principles of engagement

These are the principles YEF and project partners are committed to throughout community engagement:

  1. Transparency: YEF and partners will be honest and up front with the community about the project’s goals and progression. This will include sharing updates with the community through the consultation process. Subscribe to YEF’s newsletter for project updates.

  2. Active listening: YEF will seek to make space to actively listen and respond comprehensively to community’s concerns, questions and comments. Through meetings, consultation and drop-in sessions, YEF will listen respectfully to community’s values, priorities and needs as they relate to the project. View our events calendar for the next information or drop-in session.

  3. Communication: YEF will explain clearly to the community what they can influence, how their input will shape the project team’s decision-making, and communicate the outcomes of those decisions, including timeframes and the parameters that YEF and partners are working within. Follow YEF on social media for all major announcements (FacebookTwitterLinkedIn)

  4. Trust: By putting trust in the community’s ideas, knowledge, hopes and perspectives, YEF will endeavour to continue building trust with the community in the project, partner organisations, and the energy sector more broadly.

Community Engagement Timeline

YEF has led a range of community engagement activities and aims to make community batteries an accessible topic for everyone.

Below are some of the key activities undertaken as part of our commitment to educating, empowering and engaging with local communities on the topic of community batteries.

7 April 2021  |  Role of community batteries in the climate emergency response

30 June 2021  |  Community battery presentation with Lighter Footprints

25 August 2021  |  Video explainer, community batteries

27 August 2021  |  Community battery special newsletter (to YEF subscription list)

31 August 2021  |  Community battery presentation for ANU’s Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program forum

1 September 2021  |  Introduction and Q&A – Yarra Community Battery #1

11 September 2021  |  Introduction and Q&A – Yarra Community Battery #2

14 September 2021  |  Public Drop-in Session #1 (online)

22 September 2021  |  Community batteries with the Port Phillip community

1 October 2021  |  Letter #1 to Fitzroy North residents

5 October 2021  |  Public Drop-in Session #2 (online)

26 October 2021  |  All-Energy Australia conference, Community Batteries

Presentation (YEF)

26 October 2021  |  Fitzroy North Community Engagement Session #1 (meeting)

Presentation 1

Presentation 2

Presentation 3

27 October 2021  |  Fitzroy North Community Engagement Session #2 (meeting)

28 October 2021  |  Community batteries with the Darebin community

1 November 2021  |  Public Drop-in Session #3 (online)

12 November 2021  |  Letter #2 to Fitzroy North residents

23 November 2021  |  Fitzroy North Community Reference Group Meeting 1

25 November 2021  |  YEF publicly announces battery selection (Pixii PowerShaper) for Fitzroy North

1 December 2021  |  Fitzroy North Community Reference Group Meeting 2  |  slides

6 December 2021  |  10th and final Community Engagement Working Group (project partners) meeting for 2021

7 December 2021  |  Public Drop-in Session #4 (online)

14 December 2021  |  Site visit with CitiPower, battery supplier, installer, and Community Reference Group

18 February 2022  |  Presentation on Fitzroy North project at Hume Community Energy Forum

23 February 2022  |  Community Reference Group meets with local council to discuss commissioning local artist to treat the battery. Minutes & PowerPoint slides

2 March 2022  |  Community Reference Group to meet for a project update

17 March 2022  |  Community battery Q&A with PECAN (Port Phillip) – webinar recording  |  slides

25 March 2022  |  Building resilient communities, community engagement and project discussion at TRANSFORM 2022, Green Building Council of Australia

27 April 2022  |  Community Reference Group, with support from City of Yarra, selects the winning artist to paint the battery

17 May 2022  |  YEF meets at the local pub with Community Reference Group to explain the new CitiPower tariffs and discuss expectations and plans for launch day

5 June 2022  |  Project launched in Fitzroy North – ABC news video  |  Ventia video

17 June 2022  |  postcard letterbox drop to ~400 surrounding properties informing residents of the project, including QR code to visit the live dashboard showing the community how the battery is operating